Travel Package Certificate Draw

Terms and conditions of the promotion lottery

“Travel Package Certificate Draw“


1. Lottery name

Promotion lottery “Travel package certificate draw“ is a promotional offer (hereinafter – offer, lottery) aimed at the popularization of shopping mall. It is conducted to attract attention to KIT shopping mall at Yekaterinburg, Amundsena St. 65.

2. Type and territory of promotion lottery

Lottery type – draw-based, lottery tickets not issued.

Generation of prize pool:

The prize pool is provided at the expense of the Lottery Organizer.

Promotion lottery conducting procedure:

The lottery is conducted through standard procedure – collection, transfer and processing of information, as well as generation and drawing of prize pool are draw-based. Participants have to make an over 2000 rubles purchase since August 01, 2013 till 12.00 p.m. of August 31, 2013 at KIT shopping and recreation mall located at Yekaterinburg, Amundsena St. 65; participants have to receive a coupon at the checkout, fill it in and put the coupon’s detachable section into the special box situated near the entrance of KIT shopping mall, marked by the sign Travel package certificate draw”.

Information regarding lottery procedure can be received at KIT shopping mall and at the website

Territorial limits:

Promotion lottery takes place at the territory of Yekaterinburg.

3. Promotion lottery Organizer

ООО (LLC) “MOLLINO Management”

OGRN (Primary State Registration Number) 1116674009704 registration date: May 31, 2011

INN (Tax ID) 6674377861 KPP (Tax Registration Reason Code) 667901001

OKPO code (Russian Classificatory of Companies & Enterprises) 91918264

OKATO code (Russian National Classifier of Political Subdivisions) 65401390000

OKTMO code (Russian Classifier of Municipal Unit Territories) 65701000

OKOGU code (National Classifier of Government Entities and Administration) 49013

OKFS code (All-Russian Classifier of Forms of Ownership­­) 16

OKOPF code (All-Russian Classifier of Organizational Legal Forms) 65

OKVED code (Russian Classification of Economic Activities­) 70.12, 70.20, 70.32

Registered office: 620023, Yekaterinburg, Shcherbakova St. 4, office 35

Postal address: 620146, Yekaterinburg, Amundsena St., 65

operating account 40702810000080000803 in ОАО (OJSC) “Yekaterinburg National City Bank”, (Yekaterinburgskiy munitsipalny bank) Yekaterinburg

correspondent account 30101810500000000904 BIK (sort code) 046577904

4. Time and duration of promotion lottery

The lottery is conducted from August 01 2013 to August 31 2013.

4.1. The product can be purchased in KIT shopping and recreation mall located at: Yekaterinburg, Amundsena St. 65 since August 01, 1013 till 12.00 p.m., August 31, 2013.

4.2. Prizes will be drawn at 06.00 p.m. on August 31 2013 in KIT shopping and recreation mall located at: Yekaterinburg, Amundsena St. 65 since August 01, 1013 till 12.00 p.m., August 31, 2013.

5. Lottery prize pool

200 000 rubles certificate for the purchase of tourist package.

6. Rights and obligations of the participants of promotion lottery

6.1. Eligible for participation: all natural legally capable persons, citizens of the Russian Federation residing at the territory of the Russian Federation who made a purchase exceeding 2000 rubles at KIT shopping and recreation mall located at: Yekaterinburg, Amundsena St. 65, not including bills confirming purchases made in “Rait” supermarket or at KIT shopping and recreation mall cafes and restaurants.  

6.2. Not eligible for participation: Organizer’s employees and representatives, Organizer’s affiliate persons, their family members, and employees of other organizations which take part in lottery organization and drawing procedure.

6.3. Participants have a right to:

6.3.1. Receive information about lottery terms and conditions.

6.3.2. Take part in the lottery according to the proceedings established by these terms and conditions; receive information regarding changes in terms and conditions.

6.3.3. Demand drawing of the prize pool.

6.3.4. Take part in the prize pool draw.

6.3.5. Demand to be awarded the prize if declared a winner.   

6.4. Promotion lottery Organizer may disclose the lottery Participant’s data which can identify him/her as an owner of the winning lottery ticket (surname, name, patronymic name).

6.5. Lottery Organizer shall not transfer information about Participant to any third parties except when it is required by law of the Russian Federation, especially, Organizer has to submit information about prize winners into the Inspectorate of Federal Tax Service.

7. Procedure for submitting entries for participation in Promotion lottery

7.1. An application for lottery participation is a filled in coupon put into the box marked by the sign Travel package certificate draw” located near the entrance of KIT shopping and recreation mall at Yekaterinburg, Amundsena St. 65 since August 01, 1013 till 12.00 p.m., August 31, 2013.

7.2. Entries which do not conform to the lottery terms and conditions, may not be awarded prizes from the prize pool

7.3. Entries, which do not conform to the lottery terms and conditions, are:

7.4. Entries made by OOO (LLC) “MOLLINO management” employees, advertising agencies which take part in lottery organization, as well as their family members.

7.5. By sending an entry to the lottery Organizer, Participant agrees that he/she read and accepted these terms and conditions. All entries received by the Organizer during promotion lottery become Organizer’s property and are not returned to their authors.

8. Procedure for prize award, draw algorithms, time and schedule of prize awarded from the prize pool of a draw-based lottery

The prize pool of draw-based promotion lottery is drawn according to the following procedure:

8.1. All Participants who entered into the lottery according to the terms and conditions of the lottery and who are present at the time of the draw, become Participants of the lottery prize draw.

8.2. To conduct a draw, Organizer establishes the Drawing Committee, which confirms and registers draw results by making of the corresponding Act of Draw Results (hereinafter — Act) and an Official Table of Draw Results. Act and Official Table of Draw Results are signed by all members of the Drawing Committee.

Members of the committee are appointed by the Organizer’s in-house directive.

8.3. Lottery draw procedure: on August 31, 2013, at 06:00 p.m. in front of the participants, the lottery presenter puts all coupons in a cylinder. The cylinder is then turned by the presenter, thereby mixing the coupons; after this any volunteer from the audience draws one coupon with the winner’s full name. If the winner is present among the participants, he/she will be awarded the prize; if not, the draw will be repeated. This procedure takes place until the prize (200 000 rubles certificate for the purchase of tourist package) is successfully awarded. 

8.4. Organizer declares that the procedure used for the drawing of prize pool does not include any algorithms which could determine the drawing outcome in advance.

8.5. The results of the promotion lottery prize pool draw are published by the Organizer at website within 5 (five) days since the drawing day.

8.6. Prizes are awarded on the drawing day, August 31, 2013.

9. General procedure for awarding the prizes to lottery Participants

9.1  Prizes are awarded to winning Participants only upon presentation of passport and bills confirming the purchases made during the time of lottery for the amount exceeding 2000 rubles.  

9.2 Replacing prizes by cash equivalent or by any other prizes is not allowed.  

9.3  After the prize receipt, Participant takes responsibility for paying all taxes and other existing mandatory payments established by current law.   

9.4. Organizer grantees that all awarded prizes are unused, certified in full accordance with the existing legislation of the Russian Federation, and that at the time of their handing to winners, all prizes are functioning and ready to use according to their designated purpose.

9.5. Upon receiving a prize, the winning Participant fills in the receipt confirming that the prize was received and that Participant has no complaints against Organizer.

10. Procedure for storing unclaimed prizes and for their claiming after the end of term for prize awards

All unclaimed prizes are not stored; they are returned to the Organizer.

11. Arrangement and procedure for informing the Promotion lottery Participants about its time, terms and conditions

Promotion lottery Participants are informed about its time, terms and conditions by following means:

1. External advertisement at Yekaterinburg streets

2. Audio advertisement at radio stations (“Russian Radio”, “Radio Pilot”, “Radio SI”)

3. Publication of advertising internet banners at and websites.

 11.3. Organizer reserves the right not to enter into written negotiations or any other contacts with lottery Participants, except in cases specified by these terms and conditions.

12. Informing Promotion lottery Participants about its early termination

In case of early termination of the promotion lottery, Organizer publishes announcement to this effect at website.

  • GBA  more then 485 000 sq.m
  •  GLA more then 257 000 sq.m
  • Number of stores >900

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