Roofing fire


On 07/07/13 at 2:42 p.m. in “KIT” shopping and recreation mall situated at the following address: 65 Amundsen Street, city of Yekaterinburg, fire of the building roofing occurred. 10 units of fire fighting vehicles arrived at the accident site.  In 20 minutes firemen managed to contain open fire. Life-savers evacuated visitors and personnel of “KIT” shopping and recreation mall. There was no any man injured as a result of the accident. At the present time “KIT” shopping and recreation mall operates in the ordinary course.

  • GBA  more then 485 000 sq.m
  •  GLA more then 257 000 sq.m
  • Number of stores >900

Our Shopping Centres

SEC "KIT" in Ekaterinburg

65, Amundsena Street, Ekaterinburg

 SEC "KIT" in Nizhny Tagil

49, Chernoistochinskoe shosse street, Nizhny Tagil


"Limpopo" Water Park

2, Shcherbakova street, Ekaterinburg

SEC "Globus" in Ekaterinburg

4, Shcherbakova street, Ekaterinburg

 SEC "KIT" in Orenburg

71, Salmyshskaya Street, Orenburg


SEC "KIT" in Lipetsk

50 let NLMK street, Lipetsk

SEC "KS" in

15, Cherkesskaya street, Chelyabinsk 

SEC "KIT" in Nikolaev

108/5, Malaya Morskaya, Nikolaev, Ukraine