Initial state:

The object area: 16 800 sq. m.

The object internal state: satisfactory

Result after transfer under management of MALLINO Management Managing Company:

The object area: 16 800 sq. m.

The following measures have been taken:

  • Reconstruction of internal premises has been performed;
  • Some cabinets have been changed for new ones; the water treatment section upgraded;
  • Passing capability increased (reconstruction of the cloak-room, replacement of POS machines and pay gates, the number of electronic cabinets increased, etc.);
  • Anti-injure measures have been taken, e.g. anti-slippery coating applied;
  • New leisure zones created;
  • Earnings of the object has been increased by 79 %;
  • Traffic increased 2-fold

  • GBA  more than 485 thousand sq.m.
  •  GLA more than 257 thousand sq.m.
  •  Numbers of stores 900+

Objects managed by MALLINO Management

"KIT" Ekaterinburg Shopping Centre

65 Amundsena Street, Ekaterinburg

"KIT" Nizhny Tagil Shopping and Entertainment Centre

49 Chernoistochinskoye Chausse, Nizhny Tagil


"LIMPOPO" Water Park

2 Shcherbakova Street, Ekaterinburg

"Globus" Ekaterinburg Shopping and Entertainment Mall

4 Shcherbakova Street, Ekaterinburg

"KIT" Orenburg Shopping and Entertainment Centre

71 Salmyshskaya Street, Orenburg


"KS" Shopping Centre, Chelyabinsk City

15 Cherkasskaya Street, Chelyabinsk

"LIMPOPO" Water Park

Salmyshskaya Street, Orenburg