Mallino Development Group is an international holding specialized in managing retail property and water parks.

Since 2011. In Russia, the holding is represented by Mallino Management Managing Company.


Director General

Valery Chuvatin


Financial Director

Aleksey Averkiyev

Director for In-process Control and Operation

Vladimir Tyugayev



To create most attractive, safe and benevolent conditions for development of tenants’ business in Russia’s regions, to increase comfortability of shopping and entertainment in Russia.


- Entering cities in the Russian Federation with population not less than half-million people;
- Engineering and construction of Shopping and Entertaining Centres (SECs) and aqua parks;
- Managing and operation of SECs and aqua parks.


- Professionalism (competency)
- Efficiency
- Responsibility
- Honesty
- Customer-focusing


  • GBA  more than 485 thousand sq.m.
  •  GLA more than 257 thousand sq.m.
  •  Numbers of stores 900+

Objects managed by MALLINO Management

"KIT" Ekaterinburg Shopping Centre

65 Amundsena Street, Ekaterinburg

"KIT" Nizhny Tagil Shopping and Entertainment Centre

49 Chernoistochinskoye Chausse, Nizhny Tagil


"LIMPOPO" Water Park

2 Shcherbakova Street, Ekaterinburg

"Globus" Ekaterinburg Shopping and Entertainment Mall

4 Shcherbakova Street, Ekaterinburg

"KIT" Orenburg Shopping and Entertainment Centre

71 Salmyshskaya Street, Orenburg


"KS" Shopping Centre, Chelyabinsk City

15 Cherkasskaya Street, Chelyabinsk

"LIMPOPO" Water Park

Salmyshskaya Street, Orenburg